Torque Washers

Torque Washer: A stamped steel washer with square hole intended for the insertion of a carriage bolt’s square shoulder and has four prongs to embed into the wood surface. The Torque Washer is most commonly used when fastening in very soft wood where a carriage bolt’s square shank may spin during tightening or loosening of the nut.

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Item # Description Size Inner Dia. Outer Dia. THK apx. Price /Pkg. UoM In Stock Qty /Pkg. # of Pkgs.
048001 1/4 TORQUE WASHERS PLTD 1/4 7/32" 1-3/32" .048 BX
048002 5/16 TORQUE WASHERS PLTD 5/16 11/32" 1-3/32" .048 BX
048003 3/8 TORQUE WASHERS PLTD 3/8 7/16" 1-3/32" .048 BX